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TTO audition-Prologue
After cheating his way inside by using a mysterious spell book in his possession, a young man started exploring the ruins of an underground temple.
Even so he reached far inside than many that came here before couldn't grasp, a long passage way blocked by earth and rocks caused maybe from some earthquake but the use of explosives would worse the situation which the spell book come in handy by clearing the way as he did to entry the temple, reaching in a hall which you would really say that place was hit by earthquake because some of pillars were smashed in pieces on the floor.
Standing now before an unexplored room of very temple wondering which artifacts lies behind of massive stone door. The door didn't bugged no matter how much he tried, until he relied on his spell book to knock the door down.
The floor trembled with the fall of door but it kept trembling before he noticed that the celling was falling apart and the door had become the main column of this room after all this years.
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Ryan Reference Sheet
Name: Ryan A.(Augustos) Frontier.
Nationality: American.
Race: Human.
Job: archaeologist, historian and recently spell caster.
Weapon and abilities: Spell book, as he is called by Ryan, but it's true name is the Book of Ordeals.
Spell book's abilities: The Book of Ordeals is 200 pages long and grant the user access to spells written inside of it. The book can't be read by nobody and at same time by anyone but require the user who is holing him and pass by at least a trial that will grant a certain spell on book. The book itself can't be damaged not even dirtied which include water, fire, sword and spells which make Ryan use it as shield to everything with no worry.
Fun facts about the book of Ordeals:
-You don't need complete the trials after getting the book, if you managed complete any trial before, you will have access the spell that is related.
-You don't need to speak or read again to use the spell just need to think which spell you want to use while you hold it also read the spel
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NGOCTR2-The Beginning of End-
Omega went into his workplace where is placed in underground basement of a building. In that workplace there are many equipments and accessories like mechanical limbs, transmission devices and  few weapons. That workplace is also one of his hideouts dispersed through the spaceship. Many of machines were bought with great part of money from when he was human and some of them were stolen from many places.
Omega pulled a stainless steel laboratory chair caster wheels and picked a remote control above the table. He pressed some buttons which resulted in 3 holographic screens to appear in middle of room he sat in front of desk while he looked to them and another one show up above the desk while he was watching the others screens.
"And despite the efforts of our brave police service, the whereabouts of terrorist and PET resistance sympathizer, former Division 7 Engineering Superintendent Ina remain unknown…"
In the middle screen was showing some news ab
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NGOCTR1.5 -The Name of End-
In a certain interrogation room of police headquarters.
"Confess! We know that you stolen that data. Just confess already."
"But I am telling you that I don't know about any data!"
A lion PET is being kept here, her name is Ballá. After a turn of events, she ended been captured by police forces and is accused for stealing information from one of very few data-banks where things that the higher-ups don't want make it public as main suspect.
Ballá is chained in this place by 2 pairs of special handcuffs which use magnetism to keep the prisoner in air. That method was first introduced to keep the target from making any strange movements or reach the other handcuff since it possess the same polarity, repeling each other. There is the fact that it is an powerfull chainless handcuff, making it hard to break out using strenght only.
In the room next the of that very room there are 2 police officers talking each other while watching Ballá interrogation thought a virtual screen.
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NGOCTR1-Chase, Hide and Wrath-
A cloaked figure is running from a pod in the street. He didn't looked very high or very short and because cloak covered his body, making it impossible to tell if it was a man or woman under it. But a thing that can be known, that would be the fact that the figure is very fast, fast enough to keep a pretty distance between him and the pod.
But up ahead in the street is a barricade. The barricade looks is made of pods completing blocking the street and waiting for the cloaked figure along with barricade, there are some people from looks of clothes they were police officers and in the place there are also few security robots. But yet between them, the barricade, the cloaked figure and the pod following him there are still another 2 paths of street.
(Smart move! By blocking all paths ahead but hidden it from being seen by the prey and capturing it when it run out of options by being surprised or either lead the target to direction of a trap.)
Tough the cloaked figure while he was coming c
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Can you awnser that?
I am not a joke,
even a question,
neither a riddle,
maybe either.
What am I?
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The Sky :iconcognitio:Cognitio 1 0




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